a new master planned community


Placer Vineyards includes 5,230 acres of land located approximately 15 miles north of the City of Sacramento in the southwest corner of Placer County. Placer Vineyards will be a new Master Planned Community with a mix of residential, employment, school and recreational uses. Placer Vineyards is a place where the natural and urban landscapes are woven together to create a distinct community. Development for the project will include the construction of over 14,000 homes and create over 7,600 new jobs.

As a transit-oriented community, Placer Vineyards will include a transportation network of roadways and bicycle and pedestrian trails that provide access throughout the community, to the larger regional trail system and to the regional bus rapid transit system on Watt Avenue. Smaller buses will traverse throughout the community to connect residents to the town center, village centers, and community facilities.

Located at the heart of Placer Vineyards is the town center, which will provide a mix of retail shops, services, community facilities and entertainment activities. The town center will serve as the cultural and civic focal point for public life. Buildings with wide tree shaded retail streets are proposed to be clustered around a central town green. Residents and visitors casually stroll, shop and eat at outdoor cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. The town center will include a community library, post office, a small government center and a sheriff substation.

Two small village centers will serve the surrounding neighborhoods with one on the east side and a second on the west side of Placer Vineyards. The village centers will be the focal points of the surrounding residential life. Designed as small mixed-use nodes of activity, each village center provides wide, tree shaded pedestrian-friendly streets and locally serving shops, services, offices and residential uses. A small public plaza with street furniture and shade trees is proposed to create an inviting place for residents to enjoy outdoor public activities and social gatherings.

A regional commercial corridor along Baseline Road will include a strategically located power center at the southwest corner of Watt Avenue and Base Line Road that will provide regional services, employment, and a gathering place for the surrounding area communities. Neighborhoods in Placer Vineyards are intentionally designed to be open, accessible and inviting offering a range of housing choices, types, styles and densities for all income levels. Centrally located schools and parks will serve as the focal point for each neighborhood with safe, shaded, tree-lined walkways and paths radiating to surrounding residences.

Two large community parks provide a range of organized recreational activities for Placer Vineyards. Located adjacent to the open space and community trail network, residents will have easy and safe access (to walk, bike, and jog) between parks and community facilities throughout the community. Additionally, a multi-purpose Community Center may be located in the West Community Park. Two oak grove natural areas, the Dry Creek Corridor, and adjoining Gibson Ranch Park, provide a natural refuge from the urban fabric.