a new master planned community

Public Utilities and Services

The backbone infrastructure necessary to serve the build-out of the Placer Vineyards Plan Area requires specific items such as roadways, sewer, water, storm drainage and solid waste disposal to be included. Public services that will be provided in the Plan Area include schools, general County services, a library, fire protection, law enforcement and parks and recreation as well as a plan for roadways, public transit systems and trails.

Proposed Services and Providers:

    • Roadways ➤ Placer County
    • Water ➤  California American Water Company 
    • Drainage/Flood Control ➤ County Services CFD and/or Park District
    • Recycled Water ➤ Cal American Water Company
    • Sewer ➤ Collection: Placer County; Treatment: Roseville WWTP (South Place Wastewater Authority) 
    • Solid Waste Disposal ➤ Recology Auburn Placer
    • Electrical Service➤ Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)/Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
    • Natural Gas ➤ Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    • Telephone➤Consolidated Communications/AT&T
    • Cable TV ➤Comcast and/or other provider
    • Sheriff’s Protection ➤Placer County
    • Fire Protection ➤Placer County Fire, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
    • Schools ➤ Center Unified, Elverta Joint Elementary, and Grant Joint Union High School District
    • Library ➤ Placer County
    • General County Services ➤ Placer County
    • Parks and Open Space ➤ Placer County and/or Park District


Water Supply and Distribution Facilities: Placer Vineyards will work to encourage the use of recycled water as one source for the irrigation of site landscaping and work to meet the Placer County General Plan requirement to assist in the supply of affordable agricultural water, including reclaimed water, to surrounding agricultural lands in South Placer County.

Wastewater: Wastewater treatment and disposal in the Plan Area is currently provided through individual on-site wastewater disposal systems.The preferred option for wastewater service is to treat flows from the entire Plan Area at the Cry Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Drainage and Flood Control: Placer Vineyards will use and preserve existing drainage ways as much as possible and design flood control facilities to preserve significant wetlands and avoidance areas where sensitive features exist. All Plan Area improvements shall be designed and constructed in accordance with standards listed in the Placer County Land Development Manual and Storm Water Management Manual.

Disposal of Solid Waste: Solid waste generated by residents of the Plan Area will be collected and disposed of by Recology Auburn Placer. After collection, the solid waste is transported to the Western Placer Waste Management Authority’s Materials Recovery Facility where recyclables are recovered from the waste stream. Residual solid waste is disposed at the adjacent Western Regional Sanitary Landfill, which is anticipated to serve the needs of Placer County through the year 2058.

Electricity and Natural Gas: The Plan Area is located within the service area of two electrical utility companies, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Gas service will be provided to the Plan Area by PG&E.

SMUD and PG&E own existing facilities and maintain numerous 12-kilovolt (kV) power lines in the Plan Area. When the demand exceeds the load capacity, new 12-kV or 21-kV lines will be extended from existing or new substations. A location for a new electrical substation is set aside in the Placer Vineyards land use plan.

Several natural gas lines run north toward the Plan Area and stop short of the Sacramento County and Placer County line. Service will be obtained by constructing off-site gas transmission facilities to serve the Plan Area. Extension of gas mains to the individual project sites will be required.

Telephone and Cable Services: The Plan Area is currently served by Consolidated Communications and AT&T. Both AT&T and Consolidated Communications own and maintain pole lines in the Plan Area. These facilities will need to be upgraded and placed underground. AT&T also plans to extend its facilities into the Plan Area as development occurs. All telephone services will be constructed underground along road corridors within the Plan Area.

Community Service Facilities: Placer Vineyards will locate neighborhood facilities (neighborhood parks and elementary schools) generally central to each neighborhood so that such facilities are within ½ mile or less of a majority of neighborhood residents.

Public Safety Facilities:
Fire protection is currently provided by the Placer County Fire District (PCFD), with the exception of a 1 square mile area in the southwestern portion of the Plan Area, which is served by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. Primary response to emergency calls from the Plan Area is currently handled by the PCFD Dry Creek Fire Station east of the Plan Area on Cook Riolo Road. Analysis of the necessary stations, equipment, staffing and response time has been performed by PCFD staff. 2 new PCFD stations and an administrative center are anticipated to serve the Plan Area.

Law enforcement services are provided by Placer County Sheriff’s Department and traffic enforcement is provided by the California Highway Patrol. The nearest sheriff’s substation is located in Loomis at the intersection of Horseshoe Bar Road and Interstate 80. An analysis of the necessary stations, equipment, staffing, and response times has been performed by Placer County Sheriff’s Department staff and a sheriff’s substation site will be established with other County administrative offices within the town center.

Town Center:
Create a pedestrian-oriented, easily accessible, mixed-use retail core in the heart of the Placer Vineyards community. Designation for the Town Center includes all types of usage such as banks, medical offices, grocery stores, clothing stores, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, library, a fire station, public parks and an outdoor performance stage and plaza.